Hi, Mom!

On Tuesday, after weeks of waiting, preparation, and fundraising, we had our first rehearsal for Dragon's Breath.  I got to hear what this show sounds like with this particular cast.  I also finally got to interact with all of these actors in person, as opposed to simply corresponding with them through emails and Facebook.  And in the process, I discovered two remarkable things.

First and foremost is that we have something very special in this cast.  We knew they were talented individuals, of course - we cast them for a reason.  But the interaction among all of them as a group yielded amazing results as we read the script for the first time.  Characters were already well-developed, layers of meanings in the text were being explored that I didn't remember putting in the script, and everybody was feeding off each other in a playful, organic way. 

We also had a lot of fun getting to know each other, finding out how we've been spending the past month, where we're all from, and what our families are like.  And that's when I discovered the second remarkable thing.  Not only are the actors' parents and other familly members excited for this production (as are mine), but a number of them are fans of this blog.

In fact, they're reading it right now.

Honestly, there's a disconnect whenever I hear about anybody reading this blog.  It's intended to be read, to be sure, but usually I'm typing this up in my kitchen while trying to shoo my cat off the keyboard.  As with the production itself, I'm so wrapped up in what I do to create it that it's surprising (in the best possible way) when I hear that it's being heard and appreciated by strangers.

More than that, though, I'm truly humbled by the investment already made by these performers, and as it turns out, their families.  Their emotional support, and even their financial support (thanks for the IndieGogo contributions, folks!)  And I feel it's incumbent upon me to acknowledge it, for I'm drawing strength from it as well.

So hi, Phyllis and Mellie! And hi, everybody else!  And let me just say that I will do everything possible to honor and reward the efforts that your children are making on behalf of this production.

Because, as you've probably figured out, they're really freakin' good.