This Show Goes To Eleven

Twice each summer in Manhattan, the path of the setting sun aligns perfectly with the east-west street grid, filling the streets with a brilliant glow as the sun sets.  Given the similarity to the way the sun aligns with the standing stones of Stonehenge during the vernal and autumnal equinox, we refer to this phenomenon as Manhattanhenge.

Manhattanhenge most recently occurred last Friday.  Right as we were about to take our Equity-mandated ten minute break, our stage manager reminded us that this was the case, and that the sun was setting right at that particular moment.  In unison, we all cried out "Cool!" and rushed out to the street to see it, standing in a clump on the sidewalk to ooh and aah and snap pictures like particularly nerdy tourists.

It's the fact that we did this all in unison, all of us sharing the same enthusiasm without need of discussion or debate, that still warms my heart this Monday morning.  From the few rehearsals we've had so far, it's clear that this incident is indicative of how well-matched this company is in our sensibilities, our tastes, and our personalities.  We're connecting very well with each other and making a terrific amount of progress as a result.  It has me very excited for Dragon's Breath, and makes me wonder what else our group might be able to accomplish, further down the road.

Who knows?  Maybe we'll stage Saucy Jack next.