It Just Got Real

We've had two major developments over this Fourth of July weekend, which have brought us that much closer to making Dragon's Breath a reality.  First and foremost, I'm happy to report that our Fractured Atlas-sponsored IndieGogo campaign has met its fundraising goal!  My heartfelt thanks to everybody who helped out, be it by contributing, posting requests on our behalf, or simply referring people to this odd little website here.  Thanks to these efforts, we're now able to pay stipends to our actors and designers, pay for rehearsal space and program printing, and run the publicity campaign we'll need to stand out among the two hundred or so other shows in the festival.

And speaking of the festival - we now have official performance dates!  Dragon's Breath will be presented as part of the New York International Fringe Festival, which runs from August 8th thru August 24th.  We will be giving a total of five performances, on the following days and times:

Saturday, August 9, at 3:15pm
Monday, August 11, at 9:15pm
Friday, August 15, at 2:00pm
Saturday, August 16, at 4:45pm
Saturday, August 23, at 7:00pm

All performances to take place at Teatro LA TEA at the Clemente, 107 Suffolk Street.

It's daunting to consider just how real all of this is now.  This is no longer something I've been dreaming or idly fantasizing about - it's scheduled, it's cast, it's funded.  Beginning Tuesday, we will start rehearsing this.  It is going to happen.

Thanks, again, to everybody who's made that possible.

(Note: Now that we're about to start rehearsing and there will be more exciting things to discuss - not that me sitting around writing emails on behalf of show business isn't exciting - we'll be increasing the frequency of these blog posts to twice a week.  Expect a roughly Monday and Thursday schedule for the next few weeks, thru the run of the show.)