Spreading the Word

I've spent the bulk of the past few months working on and talking about our show's FringeNYC production, and for very good reason - having written and produced it, I'd like for people to come and enjoy it.  However, there are over two hundred shows in the festival along with us - and not only do many of those shows involve good friends of mine, but they've gone out of their way to support us as we've been putting our production together.  They've lent us aid and trumpeted our work to their fans; it seems only fair that I return the favor.

I've already mentioned how Ariel Estrada, our graphic designer, is performing in The Imbible and serving as the company representative for No Homo.  Our own company representative, Veronique Ory, is serving in the same capacity for a number of other shows.  One of these is Coming: A Rock Musical of Biblical Proportions, written by and starring Erik Ransom.  Erik has been a stalwart supporter of our show even as he's been tirelessly working on his own; it was he who alerted me when our first rave review was posted online (which you can find here).

In addition, there's the other shows in our venue, Teatro La Tea.  To help facilitate our productions, we're sharing scenic elements with each other.  We're borrowing some chairs and a table from the good folks at Futebol, and we're loaning out our bar stools to the cast and crew of Bohemian Valentine, and in this manner we're able to keep our own costs down and free up backstage space for all the other shows.

And then there's my friend who's the lead actress in Little Mother, and my other friend who's a dancer in I'll Say She Is, and my other other friend who's music directing Fatty Fatty No Friends, and you should take advantage of the opportunities provided by the Fringe Festival and see all of them.

But be sure to see Dragon's Breath first.  That's just common sense.