Just to Clarify

We're open!

I'm still not sure what to say about our opening performance, other than to say that the audience sounded like they enjoyed it.  I have lots to say about how I feel, of course, but that would presuppose that Dragon's Breath is simply my show.  And it's not.  I'm sharing the stage with six extraordinary actors, supported by an amazing director and design team.  The show's their show as much as mine now.  At this point, it also belongs to the audiences who come, hopefully to laugh and to process the issues we try and sneak in.  I can't speak for the audiences, and all I'll say about my team is that I'm immensely proud of them, and hope they're proud of themselves too.

Here's what I will say.  In speaking to friends after the performance, we were talking about how frenzied this time of year is, with so many people to see in other Fringe shows, as well as all the other theater happening.  It becomes hard to support all of your colleagues to the degree that you'd like.

And that's a loaded word, "support."  The case can be made that being asked to "support" theater turns it into an unfelt obligation, something we do because somebody else tells us that it's good for us, rather than because it's enjoyable.  (A good recent version of this argument that's been making the rounds can be found here.)

So even if you're a friend of mine or a relation of one of our cast, or have been following this blog with either appreciation or morbid curiosity, don't feel that you should come to Dragon's Breath in order to support us.

Come because it's GOOD!  It's fun!  It has big laughs and amazing performances and FREAKIN' DRAGON CULTISTS ON STAGE!  Come because as much as we want to make you think, we want to entertain you as well - and we're pretty darn good at that!