This week, the New York Innovative Theatre awards announced its 2014 nominees.  For those of you unfamiliar with the NYIT, it exists specifically to honor excellence in independent, off-off Broadway theater.  As you can imagine, this covers an extremely large number of productions, given the hundreds of tiny companies and independently financed shows that go up in New York in any given year.  And of all the leading actresses in all those productions, the five nominees for Outstanding Leading Actress in a play include the actress who played Lisa in Revolve Production's revival of Rebecca Gilman's The Glory of Living - Hannah Sloat, who plays the pivotal role of Laura in Dragon's Breath.

We're all delighted for Hannah.  We're not surprised, of course - we could tell how good Hannah was when she first auditioned for us.  And as rehearsals have progressed, it's clear that her Laura is going extraordinary - as is the work of the entire cast.

Nobody does this for the sole purpose of winning anything - we care more about the story than about some prize that might come from the telling.  A nomination like this is simply a means of announcing, "hey, this person is somebody to watch.  Pay attention to the next thing they do."

On that note, please be sure to follow the Tickets links here and get tickets to Dragon's Breath as soon as you can.  Because we're the next thing.

(Note: for more about the awards and a complete list of nominees, see here.)