The Man Behind The Curtain

On Friday, we submitted the draft for our program to the printing company used by FringeNYC.  (A whole two days ahead of schedule!) With that submission, along with our request for posters, our order for postcards, and a banner for websites and the Facebook pages of the members of our company, we are now officially done with our graphic design needs for this show.

I therefore think this is the perfect time to thank Ariel Estrada, the man who has designed all of these graphics - as well as the man who's put together the magnificent website you're currently visiting.  All of which he's done while running his own theatre company, Leviathan Lab, and while performing in another Fringe show (The Imbible) and serving as company manager for still another (No Homo). 

As you can see, he's a magnificent designer - visit if you need further convincing.  He's also a fine actor and a damn good man who's essentially done this as a favor to a fellow actor whom he met while performing in a reading of Henry VI Part 2 at one of New York's public libraries.  (For the record, I'm a damn good Humphrey Duke of Gloucester.)  I am truly blown away by what he's done for this production, and I hope to return this favor in kind as soon as I am able.

It won't be for at least another three weeks, though.  We kinda have a show to do.